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The fact that drug addiction can negatively impact your health is no joke at all. Drug addiction

isn’t just about the use of recreational drugs; you can also get addicted to anxiety medications,
pain-relieving drugs, etc.

Drug addiction not only starts with you experimentally trying out recreational drugs for the first
time, which you do out of fun or peer pressure, but can also be caused by certain drugs
prescribed to you by a physician. Most of the time, you take the drug because of how it makes
you feel.

You may believe you have control over how much and how often you take it, but your body
develops physical and psychological dependence on the drug, which affects your health
because your entire life revolves around it. Most of these drugs alter the normal working of your

They have psychotic effects that alter how you act, feel, and think when you use them.
Examples of the side effects of these drugs include hallucination, drowsiness, confusion, and
delusion, which are some of the major causes of car accidents, road accidents, physical injuries,
and even death.

In this article, you will find out and explore some of the critical health conditions caused by drug
abuse and addiction.

● Infections: Some of these drugs are injected intravenously and carry a very high risk of
transmitting infectious diseases through the sharing of contaminated needles. By being
involved in this act, you are at a high risk of contracting viral and bacterial diseases such
as HIV/Aids (Human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency
syndrome), Hepatitis B, and C.

Most euphoric drugs you take lead to high chances of taking sexual risks, which lead to
you contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, genital herpes,
chlamydia, human papillomavirus, and syphilis.
● Respiratory issues: the respiratory system, which includes the nose, trachea, and lungs,
is in charge of delivering oxygen to your body.The illicit use of drugs like marijuana, and
weed can interfere with that process by causing slowed or depressed breathing.
As a result, your body does not receive the necessary amount of oxygen for normal body
function.You are at risk of lung cancer, suffocation, and other lung diseases if you
continue using these types of drugs.
● Digestive problems: The addiction to certain drugs like steroids, NSAIDs, and opioids
predisposes you to conditions like obesity, anorexia, cancer, liver cirrhosis, and stomach
ulcers. Continuous use of these substances over a long period affects your body’s
metabolic processes.


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You should be aware of your risk for breast and cervical cancer and take precautions such as frequent screenings and self-exams to protect yourself. It is essential to have your annual physicals and to notify your healthcare practitioner if you observe any signs of illness.
Furthermore, lifestyle modifications such as eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly, not smoking, and limiting alcohol use can minimize your risk of acquiring various types of cancer.
To summarize, regular breast cancer screenings and annual pap smears are critical for women’s health and can aid in the early detection of cancer, when it is most curable. Schedule an appointment today at our doctor’s office at 3015015779 or online at www.medHavenHhealth.com for your sick visit, STD test, routine labs, and medication refills.

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commonly known as a Pap smear, is a standard test that aids in the detection of abnormal cells in the cervix that may progress to cervical cancer. Annual Pap smears are suggested for women between the ages of 21 and 65 as a prophylactic step against cervical cancer.
The test is quick and simple, requiring only a few minutes to complete. During the test, your healthcare professional at MedHaven Health will collect cells from your cervix using a little brush, which will then be analyzed in a laboratory. Your healthcare professional will be able to evaluate whether you require more tests based on the lab results.
A pelvic exam is frequently performed in conjunction with the annual pap smear. Schedule an appointment today at our doctor’s office at 3015015779 or online at www.medHavenHhealth.com for your sick visit, STD test, routine labs, and medication refills.

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