About Us

An Introduction to our clinic.

MedHaven Health offers exceptional medical care that guards against disease and fosters strong, sound, and wholesome health. We ensure that our patients receive the best care and medical examinations, resulting in prompt, accurate, and precise diagnoses to stop health from worsening and improve their medical conditions year after year.

What are some of the services we offer?

At our clinic, we provide an extensive range of health care services, including:

Our Goals at MedHaven Health:

1. Providing timely health treatment and instituting plans for optimal health.

2. Providing state-of-the-art healthcare standards to our patients through in-office visits and Telehealth.

3. Collaborating with highly trained professionals who focus on preventive, reformatory, and curative care.

We at MedHaven Health are devoted to not only providing the optimum but also the best possible medical care for our patients.

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Our Mission and Vision at MedHaven Health

Studies have shown that the body needs vitamins and nutritional supplements to perform optimally and fight infection and diseases. However, in these times of contaminated air, water, and genetically modified food, the body does not get enough nutrients from the meals we consume every day. This is why we created these services for you. (Intravenous Multivitamin Therapy Use in Hospital or Outpatient Settings: A Review of Clinical Effectiveness and Guidelines) NIH, National Library of Medicine.

We at MedHaven Health consistently focus on providing support or supplements to help the body heal and rejuvenate itself. We deliver essential treatments, doctors office urgent care and IV infusions to assist our patients’ immune systems, improve their vitamin deficiencies, upgrade their dazzling glow, and maximize the body’s nutrients to their optimal level. With the utmost dedication, compassion, connection, and love for patients and the community, we have all it takes to optimize a sound and meaningful lifestyle for everyone we serve. We are committed to all, regardless of race, colour, or creed, because of our solid foundation, mission, vision, and values. Our focus at MedHaven Health is to significantly improve the health and overall self-confidence of people, their families, and their loved ones for as long as they live; and to consistently and persistently bring about sound and excellent health by restoring and revitalizing the body and mind.

Our Values:

While providing high-quality services is our primary concern, we also uphold the following values:

Our Team

Oluwakemi Balogun (Kemi) CRNP, FNP-BC, MSN

She is a board-certified Family Nurse practitioner in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Kemi has over 14 years of medical
experience working in various medical environments, from emergency care unit, Medical-Surgery unit, critical care unit and the ICU.
Kemi prides herself on delivering high-quality patient care through active listening and thoughtful questioning. With these skills and experience, she has developed personalized care plans unique to each patient’s needs.

Florence Alli, FNP, MSN, PMHNP.

Florence Alli is a board-certified Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and family nurse practitioner with more than 25yrs of clinical experience. She is licensed in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. A graduate from Bowie State University for both the BSN/MSN-FNP from the University of Cincinnati. She has worked as a clinician both in outpatients, inpatients, and telehealth services. She is caring for children, adults, and the geriatric population. Florence is passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness. Understands how much efforts it takes for one to seek help and ready to help not only with medication but develop individualized care to anyone who comes her way. Florence has extensive experience working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, grief, loss, PTSD, personality disorder, sleep disorder, substance, and addiction